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How to help?

Now in it's 11th year, Montana Waterfowl Foundation (MWF) is in need of financial donations in order to continue providing educational enrichment for visitors and students as well as habitat protection for a variety of native waterfowl. While many of the improvements (such as fencing, pond improvements and nest building) on our 30 acre wetlands are handled by avid volunteers; we find ourselves in the awkward position of being "land rich-cash poor". We implore all who enjoy the sight of a sleek V of geese across the evening sky or the elaborate songs of mating trumpeter swans to consider the importance of supporting our foundation.

Our main purpose is to continue providing hands on education for students to enhance appreciation of their environment. Tours are tailored to provide factual information for various age groups about native bird habits and interactions. Free classes are offered to accredited school students and interested groups regardless of age or size of group.

With semi-rural development and agricultural expansion competing with recent drought conditions, many traditional waterfowl habitats are no longer available for the birds. A rapidly shrinking habitat for waterfowl make our pursuits urgent if the population of native waterfowl is to sustain viable levels.

Future plans include:

  1. Expansion of our 'predator safe' area
  2. Drilling for an additional artesian well to feed a pond (besides the 7 ponds in current use) designed especially to benefit native 'diving ducks' such as redheads, canvasbacks, harlequins and ring-necked ducks
  3. Expanding aviaries for native 'puddle ducks like, pintails, mallards, wigeons, shovelers and wood ducks.

Mail-in Donations!

Public Donations from individuals and educational institutions are our only means of income. Only through co-operation and support will this essential endeavor continue.

Please support continuing education and protection of native waterfowl.

To donate, click on the button above, print the donation form and mail in to the foundation.

Please make checks payable to:

Montana Waterfowl Foundation
P.O. Box 3
Ronan, MT. 59864

Thanks for your generosity!